Monday, April 06, 2020

Morris County Appraiser

Personal Property

Kansas law states that all real property and personal property in this state, not expressly exempt, is subject to taxation.  All tangible personal property owned as of January 1st must be listed in the name of the owner, with the County Appraiser each year for taxation purposes.  The statutory definition of personal property is "...every tangible which is the subject of ownership, not forming part or parcel of real property"

[K.S.A. 79-101, 79-102, 79-301, 79-303]

Personal Property Classification and Assessment

Class/Subclass Property Type  Assessment %
2.01 Residential Mobile Homes 11.5%
2.02 Mineral Leasehold Interest (Oil & Gas)
2.03 Public Utilities 33%
Highway & Non-Highway Motor Vehicles 30%
2.4B 16&20M Motor Vehicles 20%
2.5 Commercial & Industrial Machinery & Equipment 25%
2.6A Other Non-Comm 30%
Marine Equipment 30%
2.6C Other Comm 30%

Watercraft 5%

Late Filing Penalties

   Date Rendition Filed     Penalty  
 March 16th-April 15th 5%
 April 16th-May 15th 10% 
 May 16th-June 15th  15%
 June 16th-July 15th  20%
 July 16th-March 14th
of the following year

Failure to File Penalty is 50%

2020 Personal Property Guide

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