Monday, April 06, 2020
501 W. Main
Council Grove, KS 66846

Linda Eldridge, Morris County Treasurer 

Kelsey Sharr, Motor Vehicle/Tax Clerk

Melinda Small, Motor Vehicle/Tax Clerk

Connie Fisher, Motor Vehicle/Tax Clerk

Kathryn Christensen, Motor Vehicle/Tax Clerk

Phone: 620-767-5617

Fax: 620-767-6861


Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30 CST 

Drivers License Hours: Tuesday – Friday 8:00-4:15 CST 

Function of the Treasurer’s Office 

·        The Morris County Treasurer’s office is an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles and renewing driver’s licenses. 
·        The second major function of the Treasurer’s Office is the collection of property tax on real estate, business and personal property. 
·        The third major function of the office is as County Investment officer and “Banker”. All monies that are due to the County are remitted to our office. We are in charge of investing the “idle” monies while it is in the hands of the County. During the year, we are required to disburse the money to the various taxing units (city, school districts, cemeteries, watersheds, townships, fire districts, etc.) for their use. 
If you are in a hurry, the days to avoid are the last business day of the month as the office is busy with vehicle renewals. Other busy days are around December 20 and May 10 as we are busy processing property tax payments.

When doing vehicle business, please have proof of insurance on each vehicle even though they are on the same policy. The insurance card will need to list the year, make model and VIN number of the vehicle along with the policy number and expiration date of the policy. 
When paying taxes, please have your tax information (such as payment stub) available so that missing a parcel can be avoided.

Responsible for County Revenue Receipts from

  • Ad Valorem Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle & Recreational Vehicle Taxes
  • Tax on Isolated Motor Vehicle Sales
  • Annual Vehicle Registrations
  • All revenue collected by County Departments

Other Tasks include
Investment of County Idle Funds
Distributes Tax Funds to All Taxing Entities within the County
We offer free notary service & access to copiers and a fax machine. We accept Credit Cards for all types of tax payments.

The Treasurer's office offers a payment plan for paying delinquent property taxes, current property taxes and vehicle registrations.

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